Unlocking the potential of Ultrasound

There are nearly 50 million medical practitioners in the world,  most of whom do not have the skills required to scan with ultrasound.

Our intelligent ultrasound software and simulation platforms aim to train, guide, support and ultimately enable automated ultrasound scanning for every medical practitioner.

Silicon Review
Education Technology Insights

clinical training
through simulation

Based in Cardiff (UK) and Atlanta (USA), the intelligent ultrasound simulation division focuses on hi-fidelity ultrasound education and training through simulation.

Its three main products are the ScanTrainer, HeartWorks and BodyWorks.

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Clinical guidance
& image analysis

Based in Oxford (UK), the intelligent ultrasound clinical support division develops augmented reality and deep-learning based algorithms to improve clinical guidance and image analysis in ultrasound.

Products in development include ScanNav and NeedleGuide.

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